You have seen a house for sale that you really like: it seems to be exactly what you were looking for. The price is also very affordable. So you don’t want to miss the deal. On the other hand, you are also afraid of facing bad surprises. You have, in fact, heard of people who, after the purchase, had problems of a legal nature, and of others who, after having stipulated the compromise, never managed to conclude the definitive deed of sale and even lost money. You are right to be cautious, but your doubts shouldn’t stop you from buying the apartment of your dreams such as selayang property for rent. Here are all the tips you need to buy a condo for sale selayang in peace.

Buying a house: can you afford it?

The first of the tips for buying a house such as a selayang apartment for sale is to consider if your financial conditions allow it. There are two possibilities:

you have the entire sum necessary to cover not only the selling price of the house, but also all the other additional costs that I will tell you about shortly;

You have only part of the money you need, or not even that: in this case you must necessarily apply for a mortgage.

We told you that there are several costs to consider when you want to buy a property:

  • The price of the house requested by the seller.
  • if the seller is a manufacturer, VAT must be added to the price.

if the purchase is made through a real estate agency, the remuneration for the latter must also be considered, equal to a small percentage of the price indicated in the contract stipulated with it (which in any case translates into thousands of euros);

  • Compensation for the notary.
  • The registration tax of the deed of sale and the transcription costs of the same.

The costs of any restructuring

In what condition is the property? Is it habitable, equipped with the necessary comforts, or does it need a renovation? Have it visited by a company you trust and request a quote. Then add a good 30% more to the amount requested by the company, often, in fact, unforeseen events occur during construction which involves additional costs. Also take into account the fact that, if you renovate the property, you will need a technician who does a project and takes care of the file at the competent offices: therefore, consider having to pay his fee as well. For more articles like this one, click here.