Developing a brand is important for every company as it helps to build their identity to be recognized by the general public and attract potential clients and consumers. Every branding service Malaysia is responsible for developing marketing strategies for their clients to ensure they will be able to develop their business successfully in the future while creating a brand logo that will fit their business. Once a company creates enough brand awareness and generates enough revenue, they are able to hire popular celebrities in their countries or from other countries to gain more attention from viewers all over the world. It goes without saying, but celebrities help companies to gain more attention by audience and other companies which opens up more business opportunities to collaborate. However, celebrities does not necessarily involve the famous, good-looking Hollywood actors like Christ Hemsworth, Emma Watson and Daniel Redcliffe, it also includes online celebrities as well. 

Online celebrities are getting a lot of attention recently as Youtube, Facebook, TikTok and other social media and live streaming platforms provide an accessibility to their users to potentially become a celebrity of their own. Currently, live streaming is becoming more popular because it allows content creators to communicate with their fans in real time while streaming any content that they wish to stream. Live streaming provides a type of content that is different from the videos you see on Youtube. You get to see their live reactions to certain events and provide assistance when they are stuck at certain parts of the game. Additionally, fans are able to donate to their favorite content creators to make their messages more noticeable.

Recently, Youtube has seen a massive shift in trend as there is an increased amount of virtual youtubers, or vtubers, channels. This is because two groups of vtubers called Hololive and Nijisanji have become more popular with english translators clipping and translating certain parts of these vtubers that attracted the attention of many people. Despite these groups having so many talents, why are they still so popular? That is because each individual has a unique personality that would stand out from the rest and attract every kind of audience. Additionally, they would frequently hold collaborations which help their fans to be exposed to their fellow members and gain more popularity. As they are becoming more popular, these vtuber groups expanded to other countries like US, Korea and Indonesia at the moment. What makes vtubers special is that they have the ability to collaborate with not only with their fellow members, but with other fellow vtubers from other agencies or solo vtubers as well, allowing for limitless possibilities and content to be made while bridging the language barrier.

Overall, online celebrities are continuing to multiply especially vtubers thanks to the accessibility to applications that allow their users to create their own avatars for free. As the vtuber trend is not dying down any moment, we may see a dramatic shift on how we consume entertainment in the future.

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