Realtors told about what needs to be agreed with the owner, what documents to sign and how not to fall for the tricks of scammers.

Inexperienced tenants are easily defrauded and therefore often fall prey to scammers. But even experienced people sometimes get into unpleasant stories just because they let the relationship with the owners go by and don’t agree with them “on the shore” on the terms of employment. For the condo for rent Dutamas options are now. Professional realtors have given potential tenants a few tips to help them get a safe deal.

Do not chase cheapness

The minimum rental cost in City area today is about 20 thousand rubles for a one-room apartment. Anything that is offered in the ads is much cheaper, most likely, a deception. “There are no apartments at a cost lower than the market, and if you come across an amazingly friendly landlord who, for some reason, rents an excellent apartment with excellent repairs very cheaply, then you are being deceived somewhere. All real landlords have carefully studied the market and are ready to bargain for every ruble.

Do not rush with an advance

Do not rush to advance the apartment you like right away for viewing. Firstly, you are not sure that you are communicating with the owner (who will return this money and how then?). Secondly, you will still be looking at other options that you may like more.

Don’t pay money for questionable services

This type of deception, such as the publication of fake advertisements at a low cost and collection of money for the contacts of the owner, still exists. Therefore, remember that any payments to an agent or agency are made only after the signing of the lease.

There are so-called information agencies on the rental market that offer gullible citizens to choose high-quality and inexpensive housing for a certain fee. Having paid the advance payment, the client receives a list with the phone numbers of the alleged owners of cheap apartments. But during the call, it turns out that on the indicated telephone numbers there are either no apartments for rent at all, or they are rented out at the market price, and not at the price promised by the fraudsters. 

Check documents

The main thing that the realtor checks when communicating with the owner and what you should pay attention to when choosing a home on your own are documents. You must be provided with the original passport and title deed no copies or laminated documents. It is not uncommon for an apartment to be leased to several tenants at the same time using fake documents.

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